Mar 17, 2014

Medical Aesthetics & i.Dental Invisalign Beauty Forum Event - with $900 worth of goodies!

Hi everyone, long time no see! Due to school, I've had to take a break from my regular blogging. 
However, I heard of this event that I think would interest many of you. 
If you want to get perfect teeth and a v-shaped face, read on~

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.  I paid for my Invisalign with i.Dental Surgeons in the pastI promise you won't end up looking like China Alien BarbieHaving personally experienced the results of braces and seeing the before-and-after of the aesthetic services, I can vouch for the professionalism and quality for both clinics.
Smile. You're Beautiful!
A Beauty Forum featuring i.Dental Surgeons and Halley Medical Aesthetics
Doctors share best kept secrets for straighter teeth and a slimmer, younger looking face. (Includes goodie bag worth up to S$900 for all participants.)
April 11 (Friday), 7.00pm - 8.30pm Capital Tower FTSE Room, Level 9 168 Robinson Road Singapore 068912

Can you straighten your teeth without anyone knowing? And how do celebrities achieve their slim V-shaped face and beautiful sculptured look so easily?
Our doctors will show how you can achieve celebrity looks -- straighter teeth, fabulous smile, and a slimmer, younger looking face with the help of i.Dental Invisalign and Botox® and fillers with Halley Medical Aesthetics.

At the forum, you will find out:
1. How you can straighten your teeth without anyone knowing with the help of 'invisible braces' or Invisalign.
2. What to expect if you decide to do Invisalign.
3. How to complete your makeover with the help of Botox® and fillers.
4. How Botox® and fillers can make you look younger, fill out wrinkles, and give you a slim, v-shaped face.

7.00pm - 7.15pm: Registration 
7.15pm - 7.25pm: Welcome and introduction
7.25pm - 7.45pm: i.Dental Invisalign: A comfortable and nearly invisible way to straighten teeth. Dr. Cheng Eng Wah, Principal Partner and Founder, i.DENTAL Surgeons
7.45pm - 8.10pm: Looking fabulous is easy: Using Botox® and fillers to create a beautiful you. Dr. Terence Tan, Director, Halley Medical Aesthetics
8.10pm - 8.20pm: Q&A
8.20pm - 8.30pm: Closing

The event in summary:
If you want straight teeth but hate the look of traditional braces, Invisalign is definitely for you. Basically, Invisalign allows you to perfect your teeth by using a series of transparent braces. Having used it, I strongly recommend it. Many of my friends didn't even know I was wearing braces! For more information on Invisalign's benefits, please refer here:

Medical Aesthetics
Are you into the Korean Ulzzang look? Halley Medical Aesthetics can help you achieve your Korean beauty dreams without the need for painful, expensive plastic surgery. Nowadays, having a slim, v-line face and high nose bridge has become wildly popular. Halley Medical Aesthetics can help you achieve this easily with Botox® and fillers. For fillers, the effects are visible immediately and last for about a year. With Botox®, there is no need to undergo the drastic procedure of shaving off your jaw for a v-line face. Every day, many clients stroll out happily with higher nose bridges and fuller cheeks with zero downtimeIn addition, fillers can help you to shave years off your face  by filling up wrinkles and filling up areas that are drooping. 

Hand in hand, Invisalign and Medical Aesthetics can help you achieve a beautiful face and perfect smile safely and non-invasively.

What is in the goodie bag:
Registration is free!


  1. i didn't know you've invisalign! can you post the before and after photos?

    I'm considering braces and invisalign! hehe
    btw this event like sold out liao lehx, cannot rsvp!

    1. Ahh I don't have any pics sorry, mine was done very long ago ^^;
      Oh I see I see!
      Yeah haha it got filled super fast

  2. I'm soon ending my second time with Braces now, and I'm so happy for it, both for being finished soon, and getting beautiful teeth :D

    1. Yea good for you girl! Be sure to show off your smile in photos :DDD

  3. Interesting.

    恵美より ♥


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