Jun 20, 2013

Wild Wild Wet ♥

As a result of chalet bookings, my boyfriend and I got two free tickets to Wild Wild Wet so we decided to check it out. I think this is the largest water park (excluding Sentosa) in Singapore. This is my second time here. Luckily, we went before the whole PSI 300 haze nonsense.

They have a lazy river, wave pool, slides, and a children's area.
I'm one of those people who likes floating around and doing pretty much nothing in the water so the lazy river and wave pool were my faves. When I was young I loved roller coasters and scary slides, but I'm over them now hehe.
Before going into the water haha, we still ahve neat hair!
The children's plat area. I love the bucket that tilts and splashes everyone haha.
While at Wild Wild Wet, I came across the most brilliant invention ever - sun protection spray system! I get sun burnt extremely easily, and always forget to apply/bring my sunblock before I go out. It was $1.00 for a minute worth of sunblock spray.
Last picture.
I wanted to take more, but there was no way I could bring my camera in with me, way too risky!

Overall, I had an awesome time here! Boyfriend got a lil sea sick though, we suspect it was either from the wave pool or the fact that he kept spinning around in his float hehe.

Do you guys like water parks?

Moving on, look what came in the mail!
 Beauty Chamber sent me a whole bunch of cosmetics to review. Thank you :)

Beauty Chamber is run by a lovely Taiwanese girl named Amber. 
Do support her, she is a fellow makeup junkie like us!
Here is a statement from her explaining her rationale and goal behind opening her store.
"I've always felt that there are so many great Taiwanese local brands that are so underrated and needs to be marketed better, but due to the lack of information in other languages and availability, the online Asian beauty market in the West has been consisted of mostly Korean and Japanese brands. My goal is to market these Taiwanese local beauty lines to the West and let other girls have a chance to experience their amazing products for a very reasonable price"

Thank you for reading <3
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  1. If I go to Singapore someday I really want to go to there!! :D It looks fun ^^ btw you two look so great together!:)
    Can't wait for the reviews! :D

    1. Hehe it was pretty awesome :D
      Thank you~~

      Can't wait to try the stuff

  2. I love water parks! Unfortunately we have no outdoor one here (;^;)
    It looks like you had fun. And once again, you're such a cute couple (^w^)

    1. Me too! :)
      Huhh why not? Too cold?
      Thank youu <3

  3. ah looks like it's a lot of fun <3

  4. ohhhhh my goodnesssss! I want to go there! There aren't many places like that where I live T^T

  5. Aww! You two are so cute together! I've also nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award: http://samthebear.com/blog/2013/06/22/the-versatile-blogger-award-vba/
    I hope you'll do it ^_^

    1. Thank you! :)
      Will check it out. I think I've done it before though

  6. Looks like a really great day!!! I love water parks!!!
    wanna follow me back? chiccupcake1.blogspot.com

  7. it Looks like so much fun!!! and you two are so cute, awww


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