Jul 22, 2014

Simple Makeup For A Day Out ♡♡♡

Hi everyone! (。´∀`)ノ

Whee, NTU internship period has ended. While it was fun, my boyfriend and I are delighted to start our holidays. We met up today for lunch before going back to my house to play computer games. 

Since I had quite a bit of free time while waiting for him, I decided to do my makeup. It's been a while since I've done full-face makeup. When I was working I didn't have enough time in the morning. 

It feels fun to get all dolled up, but I think Singapore is too hot for makeup if you are planning on going up for too long. It just melts off ;___;
For my makeup, I decided to go for a simple, natural (as far as gal makeup goes) look. The lashes are Diamond Lash Fairy Eye on top and Dolly Wink #13 Baby Girl on the bottom. I feel that Dolly Wink #14 ( my usual go-to bottom lashes) are more natural than #14. However, it was a nice change. Ah, I love bottom lashes so much! They give the eyes a nice boost, without the hassle that comes with removing mascara < 3

My outfit for the day:
Top: Liz Lisa
Shorts: Ank Rouge
Bag: Liz Lisa
Shoes: No brand
Accessories: No Brand

Three accessories! That's a huge achievement for me. I have a really bad habit of not wearing accessories out because I'm afraid that I'll lose them (one of my kitty hairbands is still missing). I reached home with everything still in place though, nice!

I originally prepared this photo for my IG & FB, which I usually update right after I take outfit pictures. Seeing the curved border with all the sqaure ones in this post drives me INSANE.
We had Pepper Lunch for.. lunch. I love this set meal! The mash potato tastes a bit weird imo, but the steak and pasta are great for the price! Yummy~
Obligatory date selfie! We're compiling an album over the years. I wonder if people will still take selfies when we are 50. Anyway, I had a great time.

Have a good week ahead!

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Jul 20, 2014

How Social Media Affected My Self Esteem; A Blogger's Tale

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many other social media platforms have become part of our daily lives. Maybe, too big a part? These days, it's not uncommon for people to pay thousands for a professionally taken profile picture. 

When so much of our lives are on social media, do "likes" impact our self esteem?

Do we base our self-worth on how people respond to us on social media? In a way, our posts are "judged" by our peers in terms of how many comments and likes we get. Facebook is the most widely used social media platform, but also the most disliked according to some surveys. Some users feel that it's like an online, never ending version of the "rush to fit in, climb to popularity" phase in high school.

For me, I don't really feel that because I'm very inactive on my personal social media accounts. I only have Facebook, and most of the time I'm stalking people rather than posting things. Anyways, I will be speaking based on my experience with my blog's social media.

Is it because I don't look good?

I don't know if any of my fellow bloggers feel this way, but in the blogging scene I think people have some sort of expectation of you to look good, or at least presentable. After all, it's somewhat like showbiz. When faced with this question, I think of it this way - I've never been very photogenic. So really, pretty much anything is an achievement for me. After all, beggars can't be choosers. I try to remind myself to take a step back and appreciate what I have. If ten people liked your photos, it's like getting ten compliments in a day. In real life, I think one compliment can brighten up one's whole day. For me, I'm really happy that the drink stall auntie was finally nice to me. She is usually super cranky, but she smiled and even said some nice things today!

It might not even be a question of looks.

Content plays a huge part in the response you get. Sometimes, I post a photo of myself that I really like, but it doesn't get as great a response as I had hoped. But instead, a "meh" photo of myself gets more likes. Look at the successful social media starlets. Sure, they are pretty. But, they have good quality content too! That's why we keeping following them, right? Even some of the gorgeous, popular Youtube stars of the past have started to fade because of inconsistent or less interesting content.

Haha anyway, that's enough thinking for now. Gonna go online shopping now, mwaha.
To conclude:
In my opinion, social media can be toxic, if we let it be.

What are your thoughts about this social media boom? 
Love it or hate it? 

Let me know in the comments~

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Jul 19, 2014

Etude House Rosy Tint Lips Review & Swatches

Hello! I promised to do a review for these, so here they are!
As part of my Etude House haul I posted earlier, I bought four of the Rosy Tint Lips. I know it's a typography thing, but the fact that the 't' in 'tint' is not capitalized drives me insane! Love the packaging though. Then again, I love everything floral so...
These are drier than lipsticks, but much more long-lasting. The colours are buildable and do not emphasize lip lines. Many people use these for gradient lips!
Swatches for you~
So far my experience with these has been great!

Have you tried Etude House Rosy Tint Lips before? What are your thoughts?
Let me know in the comments!

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Jul 18, 2014

Halley Medical Aesthetics Review: Acne Buster Facial & DPL Hair Removal Treatments

I seldom have the chance to pamper myself, so I was really excited when I was invited by Halley Medical Aesthetics to try out some of their services.
We all hate deceptive pricing schemes, confusing package deals, and hard-selling. There was none of that here. Definitely no shady sales lady that will offer to 'give you a discount using her points'.

While I am willing to pay for quality aesthetic services, it's always nice to know the total cost in advance. Looking through their brochures, they are very clear about the pricing. Prices for any package deals, if any, are indicated on the brochures.
 Hmmm, I think I'll have a facial... ...
After looking through at my face, the therapists suggested that I do an Acne Buster facial and DPL hair removal for my hands. Can't argue with the experts, so I very willingly obliged.
The cozy treatment room.
Usually, the lights will be dimmed like this. For my treatment though, we kept the lights on so that we could photograph the process and results better.
 Okay, let's begin!

 As you can see, my hand is being overrun by little hairs! That's the price I pay for having thick lashes, I guess. Anyway, this is before DPL hair removal.
It's a simple process; a gel is applied and the DPL machine is then used to remove the hair. You can actually smell your hair burning! It doesn't hurt at all though. For someone who is quite squeamish, I didn't feel much pain, just a tingling sensation.
 Where did all my hair go?! Granted there are a few strands left, usually it takes 3-5 sessions or so to get rid of all the hair. Besides removing hair, this treatment also helps to brighten and lighten skin. There might be a bit of irritation and redness after, so remember to moisturise!

 During my exam period, I was so sad because I had so many breakouts! Although my face has gotten slightly better, there are still a lot pimples that I want to get rid of. I so excited when they chose to do the Acne Buster facial for me.
Hehe, can you recognize me without my hair?

Here, my therapist Sammie is helping me cleanse my face. Her hand movements made it feel relaxing and cooling.
 Hey... wasn't that the same machine as before?

Yup, this facial uses the same DPL machine that was used for hair removal, on a different setting of course. It helps to deep cleanse pores, remove facial hair, and brighten complexion. I felt like each one of my pores was getting a deep scrub. Whew, finally.
Afterwards, I enjoyed a relaxing face mask. According to the therapists, it is for soothing, deep cleansing, and hydrating. 
For the last step of the facial, my skin was treated to an array of enriching products.
My pimples are still there, maybe even a little redder, due to extractions (ouch!). 
They should clear up soon.

Can you see that my face is smoother, firmer, lighter, and brighter? Especially around my eyelid, cheek and nose area. I've been trying to achieve the facial "glow"by myself, but to no avail. After the treatment, I left with a happy glowing face (and hairless arms!) even my boyfriend wanted to do a facial upon seeing me.

Instagram-ed this while in their dressing room.
All in all, great experience :)

Halley Medical Aesthetics
248 River Valley Road
#01-01 Singapore 238302
T: 6737 8233 || F: 6737 8232
Open daily 10am - 9pm
Facebook || Instagram || Blog

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Jul 12, 2014

Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips-Talk Review & Swatches P2

Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips-Talk Lipsticks.
I already own two of these previously (see my review ) but decided to buy more because they are awesome!
One of my top lipstick picks of all time.
 Pretty pretty packaging! This brings out the hoarding tendencies in me OTL
 There is a huge colour selection for this range. I controlled myself and bought four.
Swatches of BE101, PK005, OR204 and OR205.
Every colour applies smoothly, can be built up, and does not emphasize lip lines.
Absolutely lovely <3

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